Why do we need to gift?

Why do we need to gift?

"The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness"

--- Esther Hicks

However, many times it matters to be tangible.

Gifting has been a "tradition" ab initio. From relatives to friends, from colleagues to subordinates - gifts are given to reflect one's love and care to the recipient.

Although there's no particular day to showcase your love, gifting is mostly occasional. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Indian traditional festivals, western culture days and special events are some of the annual or a one-time events where gifts are usually given or exchanged.

Selecting a gift is an art. Either you can follow a plain-vanilla route and stick to the basics or put in some efforts and use your creativity to create a long-lasting memory and impression. While the former is appreciated by the recipient, it fails to solve the purpose of etching that feeling in him or her. It merely looks like a formality. Yes, most of the time gifts are given as a mere formality. Wedding gift is one of such prime occasion. Another is a birthday party of a distant friend or a relative. Reason is that you are "invited" and it doesn't look good if you don't attend. And if you attend, it's mostly a compulsion to arrive with a gift in hand.

Where mostly people would go with the safest option of handing over some cash, another new item emerged in the last decade is a voucher. Various multi-brand companies like Shopper's Stop, Landmark, Pantaloon as well as single-retail shops have this on purchase. It may also seem safe as you don't want to risk buying something which doesn't go well with the taste or choice of the recipient. However, the essence of gifting is lost.

Other basic products that can be given to a male is handkerchiefs, neck-ties, cuff links, shirts, etc. Though there are lot more options for a female but if gifting to a couple, one ends up with photo frames, bed sheets, watch set, etc.

The other option is to be creative. Apply some mind, think through what the recipient likes or would like, but this largely depends on how well you know the person. The creativity can work well if one is gifting to his / her spouse, sibling, parents, partner, etc. But even in those cases, do you really think? Only a few of us.

My brother always has an issue in selecting a gift and often reaches out to me for suggestions. When I ask him to describe the recipient's likes and dislikes, he fails there too. Poor chap! However, in those cases, I often advise to go neutral. But how?

This is where we thought there's a gap in the market today. People don't have much idea what gift will go best on what occasion and to what recipient. This is where we created The Happy Dreams. Here, we come out with unique gift options which can be neutral, appealing and capable of creating those long-lasting memories. And we don't have just few options, but our offerings keep growing day by day, week by week.

We add creativity and uniqueness even in the simplest of products. 

Flower bouquets- The most common and easiest option to gift on any occasion. For us, the regular bouquets are kin of out-dated. So, we made the flower boxes. It's an amazing gift box with multiple roses. The best part is, the boxes are re-usable for years. Take a look at these pretty and classic boxes here. Flower Boxes


Wooden Products- India is a country famous for it's wood. We have maintained the tradition of using wooden material but have enhanced it's look by creating personalized gifting options. Imagine your names etched on wood now. Be it postcards, coasters, notebooks, we have it all. Wood Engrave


Explosion Boxes- We know that you and your special ones are bored with the regular greeting cards. All of us have a collection of them piled under our beds or in the almirahs. We made a decorative box with lots and lots of personalization that your special one will always remember. Explosion Box


There are so many unique options that we are creating on a daily basis, just to bring that little happiness on faces and in your life. 

Keep checking this space. We promise you to cover all your gifting needs and make gifting more meaningful and fun for you.

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