Selecting the best name plate for your Home

Selecting the best name plate for your Home

The first thing a person looks at while entering your home sweet home is your pretty name plate.
And yes, it feels amazing to start getting compliments about your home and décor from the entrance itself.

Some of us prefer the traditional designs, while some drool over the trendy ones. We get confused due to multiple factors, while finalizing the perfect one for ourselves, hence sharing some tips to keep in mind while selecting your home name plate.

1- The Place- Independent Home or Apartments -
If you are planning a name plate for an apartment or a floor, opt for the trendy wooden name plate designs as per your personality.
If you like to keep it simple and elegant, go for rectangular or round name plates, but if you want to have a unique one, go for the designer laser cut ones, which can have the details that you want. 
Independent Home name plates should be the ones in marble or metal, as they really need to withstand extreme weather conditions.

2- Color of the name plate-
The name plates come in various color options, but it is best to keep the base color as brown/black, as these have to face a lot of dirt and pollution. Keeping them in darker colors will keep you at ease and you will not have to keep
wiping them every other day. The color of the fonts and elements on name plate can be in the colors that match your personality.
Colorful ones represent joy and energy, while golden, silver and white represent subtleness and simplicity.

3- Location- Door or Wall
This will depend on the space that you have as per your apartments or home. If there is space on the wall besides your entrance door, it is better to put
it on the wall. The door is supposed to be opened and closed regularly thus making the name plate also shake and move along with it, which in
the long run, might reduce its strength.
Wherever the name plate is put, the names should be directly visible to the guests.

4-Details on the name plate
In a society flat, you should ideally have your names/surname as the flat number is generally mentioned on the walls of every flat. For an independent home, the name plate should have your address in bold letters, as that is what helps a person figure out your home easily.

5-Size and position of the name plate-
The name plate should be put at the eye level for an apartment. The size of the name plate should be such that the content on it is visible at least from
1.5-2 feet away. For an independent home name plate, the ideal position is to put it on wall next to your main gate, positioning it in the center of the gate.
The content on the name plate should be visible from at least 6 feet away.

6-Name plate by profession
If you are into a profession where you have a lot of visitors coming to your place for your particular field, your name plate should represent that. For instance, a musician can have some musical elements on the board, a doctor can have the doctor's symbol, a Lawyer, a Chartered Accountant, all the different
professions can showcase the same of the name plate.

7-Taking care of your name plate-
Always wipe your name plate of dirt and dust, every 15 days with a slightly damp cloth to keep it fresh and beautiful. If you are
the creative soul and have added certain flowers or leaves to your name plate, wash them every 15 days in cold water.

We have an amazing collection of wooden and acrylic name plates available with us. Do check that out!

If you have any issues finalizing the perfect one for yourself, you can get in touch with us, we will help you with the best option for you.

Home is not just made of walls - It is a sanctum made of love and care.

And a name plate is a beautiful representation of that.

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